United States and Their Necessary Relationship with China

The modern world is full of highly developed relationships both economically and financially between countries. A relationship that is vital to the United States of America is their relationship with ChinaÑa relationship you can read more about in this article on CUSEF. China currently has the highest population rate of people compared to any other country; and therefore, it is important for the United States to build upon their relationship with China consistently. Throughout the years there has been a complex relationship between these two powerful countries; however, in recent years Washington D.C. and the government have gained an understanding as to why it is important to maintain a strong relationship with China.

One of the most popular reasons as to why the United States of America and China should maintain a positive relationship with China is the trade factor. China not only offers workers in the United States amazing opportunities, but it offers the chance for businesses in the United States to boom because of the supply and demand from China. The United States exports millions of dollars to China annually which helps improve the United StatesÕ economy every day. The spending by consumers has grown rapidly over the past few years within the United States and China.

The world today is technology driven, every day there is a new gadget coming out for consumers, and it is no secret that China is beyond the times when it comes to technology compared to the United States. It is important for the United States to maintain their relationship with China so that they have the ability to gain some insight into Chinese technology. Every country has their own intuitive and insight when it comes to technology, imagine how powerful countries could be if they combined their technology advances into a new idea or remarkable object.

Also, China and the United States of America have worked together to broaden their security ties. Both countries are prone to terrorist attacks because they both maintain substantial economic growth. Idealistically both countries look-out for themselves and their countries success; however, over the past few years, both have come to the understanding that they work substantially well together and could truly become a powerhouse.

The United States should continue to grow their relationship with China to encourage trade, security, and technology advances throughout the world. The past struggles between the two countries have ceased, and now it is time for the two to begin working and expanding as one.The Future of the U.S.-China Relationship