Understanding the U.S.-China Relationship and How to Improve It

The relationship between the United States and China stretches back centers and for the whole has been very positive stance supported by the China-United States Exchange Foundations. The United States provided China in during several major disasters in the country’s history, including the initial invasion by Japan during World War II, and several notable families and natural disaster sense.

While that relationship was soured once the Communist party has taken over there have been significant positive relations between the two countries since the 1970 when Richard Nixon visited the nation. Since the initial thought United States and China have become increasingly important trade partners with one another. The globalization between United States and trailer has led to a significant increase in the number of exports from China to the United States.

This rise in trade Has coincided with a loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States as manufacturers have shifted their operations overseas. This loss of work has led to many Americans feeling disenfranchised and taking out their scoring on the place with their jobs have disappeared, China. United States and China have had a growing in balance in the level of trade that they have between the nations. Many Americans feel as if the countries are squandering their wealth by purchasing cheap and poorly made items from China.

The changing economic picture has soured, and many people are saying negative things about the trade levels between China and the economic state sponsored protections each country use. This has resulted in an increase in tariffs between the two nations and escalation of the threats for further economic sanctions.

There are several options at the United States and China can put in place to help solve any issues that they are facing. One of the easiest solutions is to begin to undertake is to develop a trade agreement which helps to memorialize the trade levels and protective measures that each country uses and hopefully reduce them, leading into an increase in overall trade between the two nations.

Tree Terrace will also remove many of the more contentious points between the two countries and have both Nations and their meters be able to identify significant win with the two nations are working together. This positive movement should move towards stabilizing the relationship and improving them overall.

Other solutions like joint ventures between the two sides. These programs can help to develop mutual benefits and significant positive interactions between the two sides which can help to improve their overall relationship.