Travel Lightly and Cheap


There are many people who would simply love to travel, but sometimes this feels like impossible due to different reasons. One of these reasons is the money that is involved in planning and taking such a trip. It’s true that sometimes this can be overwhelming, but there are some tricks that anyone can apply to have a cheap and fun vacation.

The Private Sales

These are recently offered by many travel sites, and if you look carefully, you’ll find amazing destinations at cut down prices. There are many hotels who are offering packages at lower prices, because they don’t want to loose customers. There is also a secret, because a travel agency usually adds to the price to get a profit, so the last minute sales are usually cheaper.

Tuesday Shopping

You surely have seen that if you want to buy an airline ticket for the weekend you’ll pay more. All you have to do is buying in the middle of the week; this way you’ll have a cheaper flight and you’ll be able to get the same period for the vacation, but of course, at a lower price.

Codes for Sales

vacation-bannerA coupon code might get you a good discount. Look out for the coupons that are offered by travel sites and travel agencies, because you might get a surprise. You can also find coupons for whole packages or for flight tickets.


It’s a good way to get back at least a part of the money you have spent on a ticket, because there are many airlines that will do that if you lose the flight or if you change your mind. In addition, some of them will also refund some of your money if the price for the ticket drops. There are some online sites that can tell you all about the procedure, so take a good look in the online environment.

Pay Less for Roaming

If you go abroad, you will surely want to keep in touch with your friends or family for that period. If this is the case, then you might be interested for some apps that can make that easier for you. There are certain apps that allow you to call very cheap for an international call, especially if you don’t have internet on your phone and you use the Wi-Fi.

After the Holiday

If you wait one more week after a big holiday, you will get lower prices for the destination. In addition, the place will be less crowded, as people usually all want to go in the same period of time, be it Christmas or New Year or whatever else you can think of. If you go a week later, you’ll find cheaper prices from everything, starting from renting the room to the food that you eat.


This is the key of success in some cases. There may be a difference from the online price to the price that they offer at the front desk. You can do this exercise in your own city and see which are the real prices practiced at reception. Also, an online site it’s ok to make an idea, but also give a call before paying online and making reservations.

Use Specialized Agencies

If you want a special destination, try at the agencies that have good reviews from the travelers. There are some of them who have in their offers constant special deals, exactly like a travel agency that is specialized for students. You’ll find there that the prices are lower than what is usually on the market.

The Bags

If you check you bag with the flight, you’ll pay more. Travel lightly and make your bag with exactly what you need. Don’t pack unnecessary things, because you will pay more for the same flight. Also, choose airlines that allow you to take another bag with you during the flight without money.

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