Tips for Duty Free Shopping in Grand Cayman

When visiting gorgeous Grand Cayman, naturally many visitors would like to take home souvenirs and remembrances of their unforgettable trip. And, when shopping for souvenirs, other items are certain to catch your eye and beckon you over. Luckily for visitors to the Cayman Islands, there is some of the best duty free shopping in Grand Cayman that you can find. Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of your shopping experience in the Cayman Islands

Duty Free Allowance
Each US citizen is allowed to bring back up to $1000 worth of goods from a trip abroad. However, it is important to know that families can combine this amount to maximize their duty free allowance. So, while an individual can only bring back $1000 worth of goods, a family of four (even including the kids!) can bring back up to US$4000 worth of goods. This allows you to bring home larger, more expensive items duty free if you are traveling as a group, so take advantage of the great duty free shopping in Grand Cayman while you are there.

Local Items
Local products created in the Cayman Islands are an exception to the limited allowances. These products, like rum cakes or artwork, are duty free and unlimited. Each US citizen can bring home unlimited quantities of these local products to share the beauty of the Cayman Islands with their home country. Locals produce a variety of items, from food and condiments to arts and crafts. Check out some of the local markets and festivals to find some of the great local handiwork from the island

Time to Shop
The best time to shop is on a Saturday afternoon or late afternoons on the weekdays to avoid the traffic from cruise ship visitors. If you strategically plan your shopping time, you will be able to leisurely explore the many great duty free shopping options available on Grand Cayman!