Three Apps Making Private Air Travel More Affordable

It’s been seen in the movies, the availability to call up a private jet and fly anywhere in the world with a simple call. Fortunately, through apps, this scene is not one that can only be found in the movies. Here are three apps that private and chartered travel easier and more affordable than ever.

1. JetSmarter
This new and upcoming app allows people who aren’t living off of millions of dollars to experience the luxury of flying in a private or chartered jet. The goal of the company is to make travel as affordable as possible. Often, people are able to book these private jets for the same price as a flight on a commercial airline.

2. Blade
What might be considered a sister company to Jetsmarter, is the new app Blade. Blade not only offers private jets, but also offers chartered or crowdsourced flights to anywhere on a jet, helicopter or seaplane, depending on the location. With BLADE bounce, customers can also book a helicopter with the click of a button to New York or surrounding areas. Not only does Blade offer private and chartered flights at low costs, it also gives customers the full luxurious experience of departing from a BLADE private lounge.

3. FlightTime
FlightTime is also an app making private and chartered jet flights accessible to the public, although this app doesn’t always include a more affordable price. The app works much like any other way one would book a flight. The customer can enter in the day they want to leave, return, and the departure and destination. Flights and availability are checked and then a list of available jets are pulled up on the app. With a simple tap, the jet is booked.

These are only three of the many apps that are making private and charted air travel more accessible to the public, and often more affordable than anticipated. Say goodbye to the crammed coach of a commercial airplane, and say hello to high-class travel.