Inside the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building (ESRT) is perhaps one of the greatest buildings in New York. Situated in midtown, you get views of all the boroughs, from all sides, and at night it looks like a Thomas Edison-inspired dreamscape! Lights make …..

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Camana Bay Rings in the New Year in Style

Some brought along prepared picnics, while others dined beforehand at one of Camana Bay’s tasty restaurants. The best Grand Cayman dining options that evening included restaurants such as Abacus, with its contemporary Caribbean cuisine, and Ortanique, which offers an innovative twist on local food. Other onlookers took to the dance floor, where their moves were accompanied by the festive musical styles of DJ Selecta Renegade.

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Getting Rich with Commercial Real Estate in DC

When it comes to trying to find the right location to look into, one of the things you have to do is think about the area. Obviously some of the smaller cities and towns in the rustbelt are a no go. But when you think about the overall history, progress, and future of a place like Washington DC, there is nothing but opportunity. DC has long been the central life blood of the United States of America, and as long as the government is still headquartered there, the entire region will continue to thrive like Frank Haney.

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