FDA to ban trans fats in foods

This way they were able to reduce the amount of these dangerous fats. Although its consumption has been reduced, the oil is still being used in some products. Therefore, it still poses a health risk for consumers. In this light, FDA plan to ban the use of Trans Fats totally. Former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg was one of many who worked to pass such legislation.

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Looking for Miami art in 2016

Miami is known for many things. Among them are its nightlife, its status as a wonderful hub for communities with connections to the Caribbean, George Lindemann, and Latin America. It is also known for being a place where residents and tourists can enjoy shopping, world-class restaurants and museums that are near some of the nation’s most pristine beaches.

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Types of Art You Can Buy in Miami

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and nightlife along with the beautiful lights of the coastline and music, but it is also known for its eclectic art and culture. The Wynwood Arts District houses over 70 art galleries and …..

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