Top NYC Real Estate Power Players

Some of those investors are: Foster & Partners, L&M Development Partners, Drake Design Associates and Joe Sitt. New York is well known for attracting celebrities and being a location for several films. Bruce Willis, Jon Bon Jovi, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Meyers are just a few longtime residents of New York.

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Relief organizations that help people in distressed Islamic regions

Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) was founded in the year 1993, however its history goes way back to the year 1984 when Islamic Relief in England was founded. This independent non-profit affiliation is involved in a number of projects to help people in estranged Islamic regions. They provide access to water, shelter to refugees, aid to children, access to education and health facilities, disaster response and sanitation among others. Through the organization, people in countries such as Kenya, Syria, Palestine and other 32 countries have received aid to ease their suffering.

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Companies involved in NYC Urban Real Estate Development

With New York City being the largest city in the US, and perhaps the world, there are tons of real estate development companies like Thor Equities run by Joe Sitt, even when it comes to urban development. From 2011 to 2015 alone, 440 residential properties that offer 47,285 units and cover 64 million square feet were created by developers. And when it comes to urban development, the following include a few companies who have worked with these projects:

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