Which Organizations to Donate To Help Muslim People In Islamic Regions

Islamic Relief USA is one of the largest charitable organizations for the Muslim people which is based in the United States. The work of Islamic Relief USA and Dr. Mohamed Attawia has many forms, and there are some 38 countries around the world where that work is ultimately done. The organization is almost 25 years strong and does everything from providing aid to children through things like education initiatives and medical assistance to emergency response and aid for refugees. One way that this has been done over the years is through celebrity fundraising dinners where the likes of singer Alman Nusrata (ANX), movie star Fawad Khan, and comedian Azhar Uman have appeared in order to attract donations.

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Mi Vada, The Promising Opening Of a brand-New Wharf Mexican Restaurant

Mi Vida, one of many retail stores to come in the near future at Wharf, is a segment of the first chapter of a major development project by Madison Marquette, under Chairman Amer Hammour. On the backdrop of condominiums of a contemporary and affluent stature, and sitting adjacent to a massive stadium known as The Anthem, it will be opening its doors for customers in November of 2017.

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Government Buildings by Family-Owned DC Real Estate Development Companies

So once they get all the clearance, what type of construction opportunities are there in Washington DC? Just like any other city, Washington DC needs residential complexes, retail and of course government buildings. Two examples of private real estate companies who have done a lot of work in the DC area would be Frank Haney, JBG Companies, and Clark Construction. Franklin L Haney Companies have been involved in both, high end as well as affordable residential housing projects. Clark Construction built the US Coast Headquarters in Washington DC, as well as many other well-known buildings.

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