Which Organizations to Donate To Help Muslim People In Islamic Regions

The people around the world all have their own struggles which are being dealt with, and like any subset of the population, the Muslim people could always use some help from charitable organizations which aim to give them various forms of relief. If one wants to be specific in their charitable giving, then it is important to choose the groups which work within the Islamic regions as the avenue for the contributions. The following assessment will give some details into specific ones as well as some celebrities which give their time and money to the causes as well.

Islamic Relief USA is one of the largest charitable organizations for the Muslim people which is based in the United States. The work of Islamic Relief USA and Dr. Mohamed Attawia has many forms, and there are some 38 countries around the world where that work is ultimately done. The organization is almost 25 years strong and does everything from providing aid to children through things like education initiatives and medical assistance to emergency response and aid for refugees. One way that this has been done over the years is through celebrity fundraising dinners where the likes of singer Alman Nusrata (ANX), movie star Fawad Khan, and comedian Azhar Uman have appeared in order to attract donations.

Another great charity which is based in the UK is called the Muslim Charity. That is a simple enough name to denote the type of work that the organization does internationally. Just last year, they held a five city tour which reached out using celebrities like Adnan Siddiqui, Waseem Badami and Najam Sheraz. Adnan Siddiqui is an actor and celebrity who has worked in all of the “woods” out there. Hollywood, Bollywood, and Lollywood have all been avenues where he has been able to help spread his philanthropic messages. Badami is a talk show host for the 11th Hour on ARY News, and Sheraz is a popular singer. Together, their efforts to tackle poverty and injustice in the Islamic communities has been a blessing to many.

There is a myriad of others accepting donations for similar type of work. Muslim Aid, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, and Muslim Hands are just a few of the names which can be checked on if one is looking to donate for these worthwhile causes through trusted purveyors of assistance and love. Every effort can go a long way to exerting the changes necessary.