New Baltimore Development in The Works

There is a move toward high rise living for lots of people, including the anomalous data indicating seniors are looking for this type of easy living from coast-to-coast. There is nothing like turn-key living, with no concern for maintenance, roof leaks, landscaping or plowing. It leaves people free to do so many other things, that there is little wonder why this is becoming a growing trend. That said, in areas like Baltimore, there is the need for more high-rise living options.

Currently there is a plan underway to erect a 404-foot glass-and-steel tower that will have mixed use for both office space and apartments. Currently the parcel of land, which is a parking lot on One Light Street, would become the home of this new tower that would grace the Inner Harbor area, with help of development firm Madison Marquette.

Metropolitan Partnership Ltd., the Virginia development firm that has made the proposal, thinks this is a worthwhile investment in a very underdeveloped piece of property that would serve to further develop the financial district. It makes sense for Metropolitan to get involved in this project as they are already working on another large-scale project at 10 Light Street, a short distance from the proposed site. This parcel of land, once occupied by the Southern Hotel, was demolished in 2000, and the land has been vacant, sans the parking lot that is currently there, ever since. There have been ruminations rolling through the municipality for nearly a quarter century, and at least for 10 years before the Sutton was demolished, about wanting to see something more enterprising in that space. The project, for that reason, has backing from city leaders as well as some local concerns about the way the property is going to be developed, but bearing in mind that getting this underway is a priority for all concerned.

There have been a number of proposals about developing properties in this area, including one made by WorkShop Development Inc., a local Baltimore developer, about building an apartment complex where the former “Della Notte” restaurant was. All of this interest amounts to the fact that these are changing times for this area on Light Street, and that which will provide a changing landscape for Baltimore. This development is needed, and nearly all parties agree the building process cannot start quickly enough. These parcels of land need to be developed, the additional housing is desperately needed, and something that all in the city can rejoice in is that such projects are being undertaken, which will ultimately make the city better for everyone.