Miami Art Collections

Miami is an international city known for its beautiful beaches and a rich history that encompasses its rich culture that is usually portrayed in arts and exhibitions. The city of Miami has some of the greatest private art collections that have been collected over the years by various private art collectors. These private collections have helped Miami attract the yearly art fair known as Art Basel.
Though different people and organizations collect artistic products, the private collectors have been the frontrunners. The following is a list of some of the renowned private art collectors in Miami.

Margulies Collection

Margulies Collection has been regarded by many as the backbone and the savior of Miami artistic culture mainly because it initiated the formation of Art Basel.

Margulies Collection is a not-for-profit artistic institution located in Wynwood Arts District of Miami. The collection is housed in a large warehouse that has an estimated measurement of 45,000 square foot. The organization was founded by Martin Margulies more than three decades ago, and it houses some of the most monumental and figuratively sculptures, to say the least.

Though this art collection houses various artistic products, the most famous one is the Sprache der Vogel. Sprache der Vogel is a large bird that has large wings sprouting from the back of an ancient book. The wings weigh over 3 tons and spread to heights of 17 feet. Other famous sculptures present in this private collection are such as those curated by Joan Miro, George Segal, and Willem de Kooning. George Segal’s iconic Subway art has been referred by many as the connoisseurship of Miami art.

Rubell Family Collection

The Rubella Family Collection was founded by Mera Rubell and Donald Rubell in the early 1950’s. In over five decades, the private artistic collection has grown immensely mainly due to its wide range of artistic products. Its most common contemporary products are those from artists such as George Condo, Michel Basquit, Keith Haring, and David Wojnarowicz. The Rubella Family collection also played a role in the luring of Art Basel to Miami Beach.

De la Cruz Collection

The De La Cruz Collection is privately funded and managed by Rosa and Carlo de la Cruz. This private organization of art collectors was founded in the year 2009 by Rosa and Carlo de la Cruz. The organization has a wide variety of artistic products which are evenly distributed in the warehouse. Apart from this, the organization also offers educational workshops and travel scholarships for art-related purposes.

Art collection has not only been done by regular citizens; but also celebrities have been involved in collecting artistic products. Some of these celebrities are such as Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, George Lindemann Jr., and Sir Elton John.