Mi Vada, The Promising Opening Of a brand-New Wharf Mexican Restaurant

Madison Marquette is an inspiring Washington D.C.-situated real estate development company founded in 1992, which exceeds owning 23 million square feet of real estate nationally; the flourishing company is currently in the process of developing the Washington DC district of Wharf, and is delighted to establish the Mexican restaurant, Mi Vida, for the enjoyment of the public. Mi Vida will grace its guests with what sounds like quite great authentic Mexican nourishment to be found locally in the area.

Mi Vida, one of many retail stores to come in the near future at Wharf, is a segment of the first chapter of a major development project by Madison Marquette, under Chairman Amer Hammour. On the backdrop of condominiums of a contemporary and affluent stature, and sitting adjacent to a massive stadium known as The Anthem, it will be opening its doors for customers in November of 2017. This restaurant is advertised to uphold plentiful seating for up to 400 guests, which aids in plenty of room for movement and indulgence within the grande structure. This sensationally modern setting, which adopts elements of Mexican decor and the industrial vibes of the Wharf, contains private dining for more intimate gatherings and external patio seating on the harbor-side for bodies who wish for more of an open dining experience.

The restaurant, owned by Chef Roberto SantibaƱez, showcases a menu of extensive foods native to Mexico City including a myriad famous traditional Mexican poultry dishes encompassing chicken, beef and pork. The ecstasy filled tastings of a delectable take on foods such as baked salsa verde chicken, beef quesadillas, or street foods such as Mexican street corn will create many repeat customers for Mi Vada. SantibaƱez, along with educating others in the realm of Mexican cooking across North America, already owns a greatly acclaimed restaurant in New York and is known as a well-versed chef regarding real Mexican cuisine, so this new development will seemingly be anything but a letdown.