Famous Skyscrapers in the New York City Area to Visit

New York is internationally known for its skyscrapers. The limited space on Manhattan Island inspired many famous developers to build towering structures there. Many buildings in New York City have become ‘must see’ attraction for any visitor because of their unique history and distinctive architectural styles.

40 Wall Street

Built in 1929, it housed the Bank of Manhattan’s headquarters. Although it was only briefly the world’s tallest building, its gothic spire and pyramid-shaped crown has long dominated the financial district’s skyline. Today its called “The Crown Jewel of Wall Street”. Donald Trump renovated the building in 1996 and it is now called the Trump Building. It’s visited by world leaders, international business magnates and countless tourists.

The Chrysler Building

The elegant spire of the Chrysler Building, which resembles a radiator grille, made it the world’s tallest building when it was completed in the 1930s. Among the last Art Deco style skyscrapers, it’s hailed as among the greatest buildings in the United States. Located at 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue, Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant shot scenes from the movie ‘Two Weeks’ Notice’ there. With its marble floors, stylish elevator doors and magnificent Art Deco interior, it’s among New York’s most beautiful office towers.

Citigroup Center

This 915 foot tall modern masterpiece is wrapped in aluminum and reflective glass, rests on four massive columns and has a triangular rooftop. Below it is St. Peter’s Church, a subway station and a popular public plaza. The Citigroup Center also has a large sunken plaza, a seven-story atrium and three floors full of shops and restaurants. It all comes together to create one of Midtown Manhattan’s most unique skyscrapers. Celebrities including Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are regularly in and around the Citigroup Center.

The Empire State Building

This is New York’s most famous ESRT skyscraper. About 3 million people visit it each year. The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world from 1931 until 1972. It remains one of New York’s most enduring symbols. Nicknamed ‘The 8th Wonder of the World’ because of its impressive height, the building’s 86th floor observatory offer a magnificent view of New York City. Celebrities like Angelique Kerber, Anthony Bourdain, Billie Jean King, Celine Dion and the entire cast of ‘Glee’, ‘The Lion King’ and countless others have visited this internationally known landmark.

These skyscrapers are a ‘must see’ for anyone visiting New York.