DC Real Estate Developers Involved in Government Construction

Real estate developers transform the world by establishing historical landmarks for the commercial, residential, and institutional or state clients. Washington DC is globally recognized for historical structures including the White House. The US government has been working with reputable real estate companies to set up building around DC to catch up with the ever rising number of state guests and tourists visiting the City.

There are plenty of firms that have been handpicked to handle various government projects due to their outstanding track record in executing executive projects with adherence to the regulatory requirements and respect to the environment.

The real estate companies currently handling the government projects in DC include:

1. The Peterson Companies Ltd: It is among the largest privately-owned real estate firms based in DC.
2. Frank L. Haney is specializing in design, construction, sales, and marketing of real estate properties in DC.
3. Douglas Development: It’s an established private property owner in DC that offers fully integrated services including commercial offices, residential apartments, mixed-used properties, and retail outlets.
4. Clark Construction is among the top rated multifamily builders in the DC region.
5. Lerner Enterprises has built some of the outstanding hotels, commercial office spaces, and residential buildings in Washington DC.
6. JBG Companies; is headquartered at Chevy Chase in Maryland and owns and manages numerous buildings, offices, and residential homes in DC.

Services Offered by the DC Real Estate Developers

The real estate companies in DC liaises with the government to provide development of commercial buildings, repositioning and restructuring of historical landmarks, maintenance and management of state buildings, and much more. The professional developers share notes with the clients and the state authorities to ensure that every development is in line with the DCs master plan, the state security, and environmental laws.

Celebrity Spots in DC

Washington seems to be hosting numerous celebrities every single day. Whether they are coming to attend a White House party, to lobby, or to perform at the Kennedy Center, DC provides magnificent hotels and accommodation facilities they cannot skip to visit.
The W hotel has become one of the leading spots for celebrities including Lady Gaga. The hotel has close proximity to the 1600 Pennsylvanian avenues and has lately been dubbed “the White House hotel.”

The Willard Intercontinental is an old classic next to the White House and is slowly shifting attention from the W hotel since its recent renovation. Notable celebrities like Lionel Richie and James Gandolfini can be spotted at the hotel from time to time. The Round Robin Bar within the hotel makes it magnificent.