Companies involved in NYC Urban Real Estate Development

With New York City being the largest city in the US, and perhaps the world, there are tons of real estate development companies like Thor Equities run by Joe Sitt, even when it comes to urban development. From 2011 to 2015 alone, 440 residential properties that offer 47,285 units and cover 64 million square feet were created by developers. And when it comes to urban development, the following include a few companies who have worked with these projects:

1. Related Companies- one of the largest NYC’s landlords, they have over 5.8 million square feet of property of projects within their grasps. Their Hudson Yards project is 17.4 million square foot, including 5,000 residential units, five offices towers, and a plethora of retail space.

2. Extell Development- ran by Gary Barnett, this firm has over 4.5 million square feet of real estate in Manhattan. They created 12 buildings which together include 2,249 housing units.

3. The Chetrit Group- another main player involved in Manhattan real estate development, this firm is ranked as New York City’s third largest, real estate developer. They have produced 10 buildings that have over 2.96 million square feet of residential properties which contain a total of 1,097 residential units. With their residential real estate in Brooklyn, they have 1.6 million square feet containing 1,421 residential units.

Celebrities Who Visited NYC Real Estate Developments

And of course, there are individuals of the high echelon who live or visit The Big Apple. Whether they are well-known, global business moguls or celebrities, New York City is the main place that these high net-worth individuals go. However, there are some cases when celebrities come to this city to visit/be involved in real estate developments. Some of these celebrities who are involved with New York City real estate developments include George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Robinson, and Alex Rodriguez. Magic Johnson produced Brooklyn’s One Hanson Place through his Canyon-Johnson Fund. And it has been reported that Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively, and Ryan Seacrest visited the really exclusive and private homes by JDS Development Group called the Walker Tower.


New York City is destined to continually be the biggest and most coveted, US city for so many people globally. All the who’s who worldwide, celebrities, and the elite go there frequently in which many of them now have homes there.