Three Apps Making Private Air Travel More Affordable

It’s been seen in the movies; the availability to call up a private jet and fly anywhere in the world with a simple call or click. Fortunately, through apps, this scene is not one that can only be found in the movies. Here are three apps that private and chartered travel easier and more affordable than ever.

1. JetSmarter
This new and upcoming app allows people who aren’t living off of millions of dollars to experience the luxury of flying in a private or chartered jet.

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New York’s Iconic Skyscraper Review

With just a quick glance, most people can easily identify New York City’s iconic skyline. Home to more than 200 buildings that stand 500 feet or taller, here’s a look at some of those structures that soar skyward and who …..

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Top NYC Real Estate Power Players

Some of those investors are: Foster & Partners, L&M Development Partners, Drake Design Associates and Joe Sitt. New York is well known for attracting celebrities and being a location for several films. Bruce Willis, Jon Bon Jovi, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Meyers are just a few longtime residents of New York.

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