Athletes that have Become Famous Real Estate Gurus

Despite the fact that athletes have developed a reputation as having an outrageous rate of bankruptcy after they retire, most of the time after making millions and millions of dollars, a great deal of athlete’s take the money that they make and invest it wisely in real estate. Those that know what they are doing like Than Merrill, can make a massive fortune and the truth is that they are in a great position to take the money that they make during their careers and translate that into a second career in real estate, which can quite honestly be more lucrative than playing a professional sport.

The last five or six years have been absolutely perfect for buying up real estate with the intention of flipping the properties at a later date and those individuals that got on the ball and bought up properties are starting to reap the rewards of their hard work. When the real estate market took a huge dive in 2008 and the following years, most homes went down in value up to fifty percent or more, creating a perfect market to buy for those people that had money at the time and could invest in these types of properties.

Although you would think that the people that are making the most money are those that had the biggest contracts and took in the most actual cash during their careers, some of the best real estate investors who were prior athlete’s made moderate to minimal sums. This is likely due to the fact that they realized that they would have to pursue other sources of income throughout their lives, studied and learned the real estate game and took the sums of money that they had made and started playing with it intelligently. The saying it takes money to make money could not be more true in this type of setting, although even a million dollars can get you set to making a massive amount of money in a relatively short time with FortuneBuilder real estate investments.

A few well known investors in the Silicon Valley area are the immensely talented and famous Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, who together invest substantially in real estate. They indeed made a great deal of money while they were playing, but the two of them were wise about their investments and today they each have far more money than most people that played in the same generation as them.