Art in Miami

Collectors, art lovers, painters, and designers will find extreme pleasure in visiting the beaches of Miami. Not only for the beautiful sites of the ocean but also for Miami’s private art collections. The best time to visit Miami would be in December when they have their yearly art fair that helps flock the beaches of Miami with art lovers of all kinds. This event, known as the Art Basal, is held open to the public and displays a wide range of art from sculptures to photographs and films to performance art.

Among the many art collectors in the Miami area are Martin Z. of The Marguilies Collection, Don and Mera Rubell of The Rubell Family Collection, and Craig Robins of the Craig Robins’s Collection. Along with Miami art week displaying a wide range of art collections, these private shops range in their types of art as well. For example, Martin Z is an avid collector of sculptures and paintings that can be found in his 45-000 sq ft warehouse. The Rubell Family Collection is a popular spot that is well heard of because they also have a strong presence in the New York and London area. Majority of their artwork is created by over 100 female artists.

Along with the private shops and art festival, Miami is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. A must visit place in the Miami area is the The Ancient Spanish Monastary. The building was constructed in the 12th century and is considered to be of the oldest buildings in the Western Hemisphere. Another awesome place for art lovers to check out is the Wynwood Walls. This wall was built in 2009 and was meant to transform the warehouse district of Wynwood. The wall is dedicated to graffiti and making personal statements of expression. Because some of the greatest artists have worked in the Miami area this wall will blow its visitors away with the beauty of its content.

The Miami area is a beautiful place to explore some of the world’s most beautiful art pieces. The art festival is more than worth checking out as well as the personal art shops in the city. If none of these seem to satisfy the art lovers, Miami’s beautiful architecture will do the trick.