FDA to ban trans fats in foods

Artificial Trans Fats, also known as Trans fatty Acids (TFAs) are popular for their long shelf life. They are commonly used in snacks such as popcorns, baked and fried foods. In the past, FDA issued a limit on the amount of Trans Fats that can be used on food products. It required that no more than 0.5 grams of Trans Fat be used per serving. This way they were able to reduce the amount of these dangerous fats. Although its consumption has been reduced, the oil is still being used in some products. Therefore, it still poses a health risk for consumers. In this light, FDA plan to ban the use of Trans Fats totally. Former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg was one of many who worked to pass such legislation.
What are Trans Fats
There are two types of Trans Fats, that is, artificial and natural. Natural Trans Fats are produced naturally, by some animals, in their guts. Therefore, they pose no health risks. On the other hand, artificial Trans Fats are produced through the hydrogenation of vegetable oils, during processing. The process of hydrogenation helps to increase their shelf life, give foods a palatable taste and a desirable texture.

What TFA Ban Will Mean
A ban of TFAs, by the FDA, will mean the following.
• Reduced Heart Diseases
If FDA bans artificial Trans Fats, there will be a decrease in the number of heart issues caused by their consumption. Artificial TFAs tend to raise the amount of bad cholesterol in the body while lowering the amount of good cholesterol (HDL). Also, it adversely affects the lipoprotein ratio in the body. In so doing, TFAs make one vulnerable to heart attacks and other heart conditions.

• Prevention Type II Diabetes
Research conducted on over 80,000 women indicated that Trans Fats increased the risk of Type II Diabetes by up to 40%

• Strokes
TFAs are said to trigger ischemic strokes. Besides, these fats tend to clog in arteries, thus, causing strokes.

With the risk imposed by TFAs, using it in small quantities does not prove to decrease the health risks. Therefore, the move by FDA to completely ban TFAs by the year 2018 is justified.
Suggested TFAs Alternatives
Instead of using TFAs in foods, FDA recommends that other healthy alternatives be used. Here are some alternatives to TFAs.
• Using saturated fats in smaller amounts.

• Saturated vegetable fats

• Blending polyunsaturated and monounsaturated vegetable oils. This will give you the taste, texture and long life associated with Trans Fats.

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Contemporary Art Stars Year Round In Miami

Miami is a beacon of contemporary art through its hosting of the international Art Basel festival in December. Guests to this popular art fair have included Leonardo DiCaprio, George Lindemann, and P. Diddy, who have each bought pieces to bolster their own collections. But Miami retains its art scene luster throughout the year by being home to many fantastic private art collections, some of which are open to the public.

The Margulies Collection, from seasoned collector Martin Margulies, features photography, videos, installation and sculptures in a converted warehouse. Their permanent collection includes pieces from DeKooning, Anton Keifer, Joan Miró and rotates exhibitions featuring other contemporary luminaries.

The Rubell Family Contemporary Arts Foundation/Collection hosts a rotation of contemporary and emerging artists. Their exhibitions have included artists from all over the world as well as themed exhibits that focus on topics from women in art to geographical showcases. Their permanent collection features works by 1980’s modern stars Keith Haring and Jean-Michael Basquiat.

Craig Robins, who founded the Miami Design District, houses his collection at the offices of his real estate company, Dacra. The space rotates artists from his collection, which includes John Baldessari and Richard Tuttle.

The de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space may be the public exposition for Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz’s collection, but you can view the family’s extensive array of art at their private residence. Collectors for over 25 years, their assemblage includes works from Isa Genzken, Chirstopher Wool and Dana Schutz.

Lawyers Dennis and Debra Scholl are noted both for their collection and their generosity. They open their apartment during Art Basel to a young guest curator to assemble an exhibit that features pieces from their over 1000-piece array of contemporary art. They also regularly donate pieces from their collection to museums, including the Pérez Art Museum in Miami.

Finally, Norman and Irma Braman, instrumental in bringing Art Basel to Miami and founders of the ICA, Miami’s contemporary art museum, have a massive collection of contemporary art. Their collectio

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Five Best Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Washington DC

The Washington DC area is a huge market for commercial real estate in the government sector. Many local real estate firms focus on the building, leasing, and development of Fank Haney reviewed commercial space for government organizations and meetings. The Washington DC area is saturated with brokers, so those in the market for a commercial space will want do their research before hiring someone to work on this most delicate need. Here are a few of our favorite and most trusted firms in the DC Metro:


This international organization is one of the highest rated firms in the country. The DC branch holds approximately 75 brokers ready to explore your commercial real estate needs. CBRE has two government-specific groups: Federal Lesser Advisory Group(FLAG) and Public Institutions and Solutions Group(PIES). These two groups focus efforts on assisting landlords with government leases and providing real estate services to federal, state, county, and educational institutions. CBRE’s reputation and focus makes them a definite contender.

Avison Young

The Avison Young DC office opened in 2009 as part of an aggressive expansion plan. The office is located right on Pennsylvania Avenue in the heart of Capitol Hill and houses about 35 associates. The company as a whole has been recognized internationally for its quality management practices and is also sponsored by big names like Deloitte and the National Post. Avison Young’s solid reputation across the globe makes them worth your time and investment.


Cresa is another internationally recognized commercial real estate firm. In a recent poll that surveyed 25 of the top international firms, it ranked number one in client advocacy. Cresa was named one of Washington Business Journal’s Best Places to Work and is also a CoStar Power Broker award recipient. This recognition and customer-focus clearly symbolizes Cresa’s commitment to meeting client needs.

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

This firm’s DC office opened in 2000 and thrives in the DC market. The firm recently announced the acquirement of 1100 New Jersey Avenue. The firm will be doing the leasing for this prestigious building located right in the heart of Capitol Hill. This new business demonstrates Newmark Grub Knight Frank’s ability to compete effectively in the competitive DC market.

Colliers International

This internationally recognized firm offers tenant, landlord, investment and corporate services and is one of the powerhouse companies in the business. It’s DC office location specializes in navigating the complex regulations for leasing government space and has a team committed exclusively to serving the real estate needs of the public sector.

Overall, these five firms are some of the best in the business. They offer quality service and solutions for your unique and complex challenges. Check them out today!

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Looking for Miami art in 2016

Miami is known for many things. Among them are its nightlife, its status as a wonderful hub for communities with connections to the Caribbean, George Lindemann, and Latin America. It is also known for being a place where residents and tourists can enjoy shopping, world-class restaurants and museums that are near some of the nation’s most pristine beaches. But Miami is more than a glamorous hub for lively clubs and award-winning eateries. It is also arguably the epicenter of the art world in the Southeastern United States. Miami’s beautiful exterior hides a thriving visual art scene. Every December Miami becomes a stage where thousands of gallerists, sculptors, photographers, painters, filmmakers, art collectors and celebrities converge for one of the planet’s largest art fairs: Art Basel Miami.

Art Basel is an international art fair that got its start in the 1970s in Basel, Switzerland where a trio of local gallerists came together to launch the first installment of the nearly 40-year-old art event. Art Basel eventually expanded to Hong Kong and to Miami. Miami, the fair’s American installment, draws the participation of nearly 270 art galleries from virtually every single continent. In 2015, Art Basel Miami brought in 77,000 visitors. Art Basel Miami has drawn high profile art world names like curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and celebrities like mega hip-hop producer Pharrell Williams and rising pop star Miley Cyrus.

The event is a must for anyone who is interested in seeing work from the leading names in international contemporary art and work from promising visual artists who are just getting their start. It is a great place to start for those in Miami who are interested in collecting art. According to Barrons.com, Art Basel is a great place for art collectors because the galleries there have been screened by Art Basel.

Art collectors that are looking for options for buying art in Miami other than Art Basel will be glad to know that there are many choices. The Miami Design District is a great place for aspiring and seasoned art collectors in Miami to begin as the area is home to many firms that work in the art world. Art collectors can consider collecting art through Fine Art Auctions Miami, a fine art auction house that facilitates the sale of fine art. They can visit Galleria Ca’ d’Ora, an Italian art gallery that seeks to bring the work of Italian visual artists before audiences in the United States. The Miami Design District is also home to Bossa gallery, an establishment that promotes the work of American and Brazilian photographers. Miami art enthusiasts can also visit ArtCenter/South Florida to see work by the artists who are doing residencies there.

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How Urban Real Estate Development Is Helping NYC Neighborhoods

Time brings change accompanied with technology advancements. Urban real estate development is at the top of the list in New York City (NYC). Like so many metropolitan areas New York companies have joined forces using the latest trends of building and Joe Sitt development techniques for current NYC real estate.

This is a city where transportation above and below ground operates 24/7. Companies like Turner Construction participated in building the concrete stairways in the subways. It’s a thriving metropolis where companies like New York Engineers are introducing construction innovations. They’re bringing the best of energy designed performance enhancements into the neighborhoods. The historic Front Street landmark in lower Manhattan was restored for residential living. Cook and Fox Architects teamed with Durst Organization to bring back the splendor.

The goal of urban real estate development is to increase the quality of livability. It includes monitoring air quality inside and outside. Urban development is also taking advantage of natural energy resources. Natural resources like sunlight are now powering homes and businesses. The new building standards are reducing the city’s noise pollution.

It all starts with joint partnerships between the city and private real estate developers. City programs remain focused on bringing the latest technology into an already vibrant economy. Communities in this city continue to experience residential housing demands and population growths. The demand for new and renovated real estate development isn’t expected to slow down. All five New York boroughs have seen positive improvements during the past year.

-The transportation sector is growing in New York City
-Residents commuting to work in their own borough increase
-Completion of water tunnel No. 3 projected

According the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), new innovations are critical to the economic growth. More important these new urban developments are essential for a healthy metropolitan area. Today’s innovations include energy efficient building materials. The engineering and construction methods are delivering savings without interruption to daily life routines. Cities like New York are now requiring buildings to meet these new green standards. This is where the public policymakers, regulators and private developers come together. They’re using construction techniques to balance the new build and natural systems.


What’s changing NYC’s urban development? The need for sustainable planning is critical. Urban real estate development isn’t just about economics in NYC. It’s about strengthening businesses and helping these neighborhoods to thrive. It’s being done with shared planning and joint collaboration.

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Washington DC 2016 Top Real Estate Companies

Washington DC is among the metropolitan’s with a promising future for real estate developers. There is currently a redevelopment boom featuring increased investments and government jobs. Real estate developers are busy setting up their camps in the changing metropolitan to tap into its ever increasing population and investments. In this post, we are going to provide a list of five top real estate companies similar to Frank Haney that have already set their operation base in DC.

The Peterson Companies

Frank Haney DesignsPeterson Companies is one of the largest real estate developers in Washington DC with over 607,000 square feet of the land under their development so far. The company is privately owned and offer fully functional real estate services for commercial and domestic real estate. It has leased about 30,000 residential units in Washington.

Washington Property Company

Washington Property Company is a commercial real estate developer with headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. The company deals with a wide range of real estate services including land purchase, development, leasing and management of property. The company boasts of about 635,000 square feet of metro land under their development since it started its operations in the area.

The JBG Companies

JBG Companies is a privately owned real estate developer that engages in real estate development and redevelopment. The company’s projects are mainly inside the Beltway in Washington metropolitan area. The company was voted the Developer of the Year in 2012. The company has about 3.32 million square feet of land under its development in Washington D.C’s metropolitan. It also boasts of more than $10 billion assets under its management. Some of the properties developed by the company include Marriott Wardman Park and Fort Totten Square.

Edens Development

Eden development is a full service real estate developer with vast experience in construction management. The company deals with development of residential projects, commercial buildings and reuse of existing structures. The company is currently managing a phenomenal curved glass wall façade project in Washington DC. The company also boasts of 2.20 million square feet of metropolitan land under its projects. Some of their properties include Arundel Village, Burtonsville Crossing and Fairfax Plaza.

Clark Construction

Clark Construction offers a wide variety of real estate services such as capital markets, development, construction and management of property. The company has been popular in the list of top companies in the whole country. Its projects in Washington DC include City Center, Arena Stage and City Market. The company is well known for its high-quality projects that are delivered within the stipulated time.

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Types of Art You Can Buy in Miami

Lindemann ArtMiami is known for its beautiful beaches and nightlife along with the beautiful lights of the coastline and music, but it is also known for its eclectic art and culture. The Wynwood Arts District houses over 70 art galleries and is one of the largest open street art displays in the world. You can view the vast murals painted throughout the walls and enjoy also viewing a wide range of art in the galleries such as fine art, sculptures, contemporary and ethnic artwork. Walking through this district is both stimulating for the mind as well as the soul as you feel a part of the art. The Miami Design District is also a place you can view many different galleries of various types of art, including fine art galleries, showrooms and museums. You can enjoy shopping in this district along with dining also. Real estate businessman, George Lindemann seeks to combine art and the community in Miami, his home collection displays his collection of art from many impressive artists.

All throughout Miami you can find a variety of art galleries. Many different types of art, including glass art, traditional fine art, photography, prints, visual art along with cultural art such as Latin art galleries and Haitian art among others. Throughout the galleries in Miami there are displays of a little bit of everything and many local artists live close to the districts in which they display their art. There is truly something for every taste in this multicultural city when it comes to its artwork and galleries. There are also many different art fairs throughout the year and also Art Week which is a whole week devoted to displaying a variety of artwork from all over the world. Art lovers from all over the world come to this event held annually. The Rubell Family encourages art education with their collection that involves one of the largest contemporary art collections in the world.

Whether your interest is in photography, fine art, sculptures, glass art or contemporary art, you will be able to find it in Miami along with its beautiful scenery and culture.

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Family-Owned Real Estate Construction Companies in Washington DC

There are quite a few family-owned construction firms in Washington DC that are building homes of the future. The city is in a constant state of expansion, and there are quite a lot of people who wish to move into the city. This article explains how Frank Haney and other family-owned construction companies are building the homes that anyone would enjoy, and their work is highlighted in three major areas.

#1: Who Are The Builders?

The builders in Washington DC who are controlled by family owners such as Gilbane and Donohoe are incredible companies that have been in the area for decades. There are other firms such as Turner and Landis that are building every day in the city, and they all work on community projects around the city. There are incredible homes in the city that rise every day, and the builders all build in their own style.

DC yellow house#2: How Busy Are Family-Owned Companies?

The family-owned construction companies in Washington are all working on home construction at the same time they undertake government and office building projects. There are several projects that are paired with office building, and the family-owned firms often plan entire communities around the idea of working and living in the same area. Washington DC is bustling every day, and the city cannot grow without homes for new middle class families to live in.

#3: How Do The Homes Appear Today?

Every builders ensures they are building in their own style, but the city skews in the direction of the classic family home with white trim, a white picket fence and a strong color. There are quite a few small neighborhoods in the city that all sport the soft colonial style, and anyone who moves to the city will enjoy a home that looks as though it were plucked from the pages of an American Gothic novel. Washington DC is retaining its classy appearance with aid from family-owned construction companies.

Every family-owned construction firm in Washington DC contributes to a massive tradition that is quite beautiful. Washington DC is a beautiful city that anyone would love to live in, and it is built by companies that believe in its grandeur and splendor.

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A Washington D.C. Facelift

The real estate market in Washington D.C. is experiencing a resurgence and some of the top agents and developers are primed to take advantage of this new climate. There are various reasons being offered for this now buzzing market, such as redevelopment projects and the push driving viable and sustainable green energies and technologies. With the work being done to revive aging neighborhoods around the Washington D.C. capital area and the many larger construction projects ongoing, opportunities are now in abundance.

Large, privately owned developers like the Peterson Companies who offer development services for residential, commercial and office real estate is one of those firms looking to benefit from a healthy market. With projects to their credit like, Downtown Silver Spring, National Harbor and the Washingtonian Center (to name a few), Peterson is ready to add more wonderful structures and developments to their portfolio.

Other larger developers like those at Frank Haney are putting focus on the trending new developments, being called “mixed-use” properties that lean toward being more accessible to public traffic while still being business friendly. Known for their work with some of the more iconic properties their primed to take part in the new DC development boom.

Other real estate management and development firms like, EDENS who operate throughout the East Coast has not missed many opportunities in D.C., and has many noteworthy projects under their belt. Having done considerable work within urban areas and in the redevelopment arena, some of the properties accredited to EDEN are the Mosaic District, Union Market and the City Vista.

From all indications it is a good time to be a resident and real estate agent in Washington D.C., and there only appears to be more growth and opportunity on the horizon. The noted efforts to improve the area and region surrounding the national capital has been ongoing, and perhaps now is seeing the results of those efforts. With the experienced, qualified and proven real estate firms in this part of the country a Washington D.C. facelift is well on the way. Washington D.C., historic, bustling and now…beautiful too.

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Art in Miami

Collectors, art lovers, painters, and designers will find extreme pleasure in visiting the beaches of Miami. Not only for the beautiful sites of the ocean but also for Miami’s private art collections. The best time to visit Miami would be in December when they have their yearly art fair that helps flock the beaches of Miami with art lovers of all kinds. This event, known as the Art Basal, is held open to the public and displays a wide range of art from sculptures to photographs and films to performance art.

Among the many art collectors in the Miami area are Martin Z. of The Marguilies Collection, Don and Mera Rubell of The Rubell Family Collection, and Craig Robins of the Craig Robins’s Collection. Along with Miami art week displaying a wide range of art collections, these private shops range in their types of art as well. For example, Martin Z is an avid collector of sculptures and paintings that can be found in his 45-000 sq ft warehouse. The Rubell Family Collection is a popular spot that is well heard of because they also have a strong presence in the New York and London area. Majority of their artwork is created by over 100 female artists.

Along with the private shops and art festival, Miami is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. A must visit place in the Miami area is the The Ancient Spanish Monastary. The building was constructed in the 12th century and is considered to be of the oldest buildings in the Western Hemisphere. Another awesome place for art lovers to check out is the Wynwood Walls. This wall was built in 2009 and was meant to transform the warehouse district of Wynwood. The wall is dedicated to graffiti and making personal statements of expression. Because some of the greatest artists have worked in the Miami area this wall will blow its visitors away with the beauty of its content.

The Miami area is a beautiful place to explore some of the world’s most beautiful art pieces. The art festival is more than worth checking out as well as the personal art shops in the city. If none of these seem to satisfy the art lovers, Miami’s beautiful architecture will do the trick.

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